Friday, July 18, 2008

My Take on Recipezaar

One of my stated favorite places on the internet is Recipezaar.

One of the things I like is that anyone, anyone, can post a recipe
and have it published online. It's a free for all, and it can be
frustrating, hilarious, and sometimes an absolute goldmine. It's
the variety of the different posts I enjoy so much.

I actually subscribe to their RSS feed for new recipes (I have no life)
and scan them as I find them so varied.

Here are some actual examples of descriptions from today's feed:

"This is a slight altercation of a Rachael Ray recipe. I really liked, DH thought it was okay."

"mutton curry will taste gud "

"Found this at 3 Fat Great recipe, very filling with HUGE portions!!

"Chocolate Covered Bacon I haven't tried this, but I definitely will. Sounds crazy enough to work! Bacon = yum. Chocolate = yum. It has to work...right? --"

There are folks who post all kinds of recipes, and in the description,
state: "Found this recipe, haven't tried it yet"

Are you kidding me? LOL .... Why would I want to try a recipe that you can't comment on.
And WHY in the world are you publishing it?

The other category of publishers that get me are those, who ah, shall
we say, really don't know much about cooking or baking. Now don't get,
me wrong, I'm no gourmet, but I DO know my way around a few cuisines, yet
I'm in no way putting anyone down. But when I read a recipe for "World's
Best Crockpot Baked Beans" it piques my interest.

When I then read: "Empty 4 cans of beans into crockpot, add 1 cup ketchup,
throw in 4 slices of bacon and cook on low for 8 hours, I can't help but
laugh out loud. Sorry, but that won't get my vote for the best baked beans.

But that's my point, that's the beauty of this site, it's so original and
honest that it's fun.

But lastly, here is the jewel that is Occasionally, every
once in a while, when you're looking for a particular recipe, you will
find one there, that you just KNOW, you just KNOW, has been handed down
from generation to generation, and you know if you prepare it, it will
be the highlight of your dinner.

Here's an example...... Last Christmas, I decided to make a Prime Rib Dinner for my
kids as they were coming up Christmas Eve to Seattle. I'd never made one before. So
I was searching, and searching, and I kept coming across this recipe that told me to
prepare the roast in a certain way, cook at a very high temp for a period of time, then
SHUT the oven off and NOT to open the door. The recipe professed that no matter
whatever time you served it, (within a 5 hour window) that it would be perfect.

My kids, naturally dilly-dallyed (did I actually type that?) all the way from Portland,
OR to Seattle, WA such that they had NO clue when they would arrive despite my
cell phone inquiries.

They arrived at six p.m. about 3 hours later than I expected.

I served dinner, cut the Prime Rib Roast, and it was PERFECT, absolutely PERFECT!!!

THAT, is the beauty of Recipezaar!!

Do check out Recipezaar it's worth the stop.

p.s. Read my blog at Christmas this year, I'm cooking another Prime Rib and will reveal the
same recipe to you.

Picture to follow.....

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AJ said...


That is the Paula Deen method. My dad's method was too fussy. I've got a prime rib in my freezer right now. Maybe that will be Sunday dinner.