Monday, September 29, 2008

Country Bob's Sauce

So a couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a gentleman named Al Malekovic
who, it turns out, is part owner of a company called Country Bob's whose products are All Purpose Sauce for Steak and Hamburgers, etc. as well as Seasoning Salt and Barbeque Sauce.

He wrote and asked if I would consider using the sauce and reviewing it on my site. Naturally, I said yes and was happy to do so. And honestly, since my site is a fairly new one, I was pleased that someone has visited it and chosen to make me the offer. (See their link at the bottom of the page)

A few days later in came the package with two bottles:

So I promptly opened up a bottle, and took a whiff, and thought.... "Hmmph, steak sauce, smelled just like A-1" so no great shakes there.

But true to my word, a few days later I grilled a nice piece of NY Strip, just used the sauce as an accompaniment.

Now let me tell you straight up. I cannot be bought, I'm not swayed easily, I speak my mind and say what I think.

This sauce is GOOD! Very good. It does smell like A-1 at first, but it in no way tastes like it. A-1, in my opinion has always had a slightly bitter aftertaste that stays on your tongue. I feel the same about Heinz 57 sauce.

Country Bob's sauce is tangy, a bit sweet, and very savory, without any after taste. I REALLY liked it on my steak.

Now I know, that's a "busy" photo, but man what a great meal, baked potato, sour cream, shredded cheddar, some spinach souffle, medium rare NY strip, dipped liberally throughout the meal in Country Bob's all purpose sauce. I was a satisfied consumer, believe me.

BUT, we're not done! Oh No.....we got more.....!

I love baked beans. I usually buy New England Baked Beans, and touch them up myself with mustard, ketchup, brown sugar and Worchestershire sauce, and then cook them slowly for a couple of hours. Been doin' that for years.

Yesterday, just took some beans and slathered some Country Bob's on them, mixed them up, and baked on low for two hours..... Delicious!!!!

Here's what it looked like before I stirred the sauce in and baked them in an ovenproof dish....

I then decided to make meatloaf. I don't eat meatloaf often, although I do like it, but once I've had meatloaf, it seems like I have tons of meatloaf left over and don't want it anymore. (It's a lot like Easter Peeps, I love Easter Peeps, but once I have them a time or two, I, uh, don't need to see them for another year)

So I made meatloaf with Country Bob's sauce. Here's the recipe:

1 1/2 pound ground beef
1/4 cup chopped onion (I used a cup of Walla Walla sweets)
12 saltine crackers, crushed
2 eggs, beaten
3/4 cup Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce
1/4 cup milk
1 T. Country Bob's Season Salt (of which I had none, so I used regular seasoning salt)
Salt and Pepper to taste.

Combine the ground beef, onion, cracker crumbs, eggs, Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce, Country Bob's Season Salt, and pepper in a bowl and mix well. Shape into a loaf and place in a baking pan. Spread the desired amount of additional Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce on top of the loaf. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour or until the loaf is cooked through. Remove the loaf and let stand for at least 10 minutes before slicing.

Now let's face it, there is a basic problem with photographing meat loaf. The problem is: It's MEATLOAF! Not a very attractive subject. Nonetheless, I did my best:

Actually, this looks pretty good. The meatloaf was gone a week ago, I think I'm ready for some more.

Now, I thought, I got one bottle left, let's try it on a burger..... A Grilled burger from the barbeque..... Here it is, and it was delicious!

By the way, that is Provolone on my burger. Yeah, I'm a cheddar guy, but Provolone is great on a burger, try it if you haven't.

So now, lastly, if you look at the bottle and read it carefully, it says:

See how it's called All Purpose Sauce? And then it says under that Steak, Hamburger....

And one line lower it says Chicken? I thought, no way. I see the sauce with beef and pork, but not chicken, couldn't possibly be good. But, being the test subject that I am, I decided to barbeque a huge chicken breast, with a little skin left on, and the ribs intact, and do nothing but baste it with Bob (as I now call him) while it grilled.

Here ya go:

I cannot tell you how good this was. Perfectly done chicken, juicy, with a tangy delicious crusty outside. Bob is my friend, I shall cook with him from now on. For all I know, this stuff is great on pancakes too!

Thanks Al!

So here's how you get Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce....

1. You could start a food blog and beg Al Malekovic to give you a free sample to try. Al's Email
2. You could always buy some....that might be the better way to go.... Country Bob's Website

All I can say is, seriously, I am buying this sauce from now on. I wonder if they sell it in my area? Hmm..... Al, you market in Seattle?

My thanks to them for letting me participate.

Ron Merlin

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Great post! You made the meatloaf, too!