Saturday, November 22, 2008

Janna's Jam

One of the advantages of having a food blog apparently, is that occasionally you get to try something for free.

And, sometimes it's worth blogging about.

This is definitely one of those times.

I was talking to a co-worker who informed she likes to do canning and offered to let me try her most recent offering. I thought to myself, ok, yeah, I'll try your strawberry jam.

Much to my surprise, it was an onion confit. (I even had to go look it up, a confit is: A condiment made by cooking seasoned fruit or vegetables, usually to a jamlike consistency.)

It is absolutely delicious!

I've tended to use it much like a Chutney with Steak, hamburgers and even ham.

It is pungent, savory, slightly sweet, with a fascinating blend of flavors. I must admit, I even just spread it on some Ritz crackers and ate about eight of them with nothing but the Onion mixture. (And a cold Beck's beer,

It's a combination of Walla Walla sweet onions, Red Wine, White Wine Vinegar, Sugar,
and some secret spices.

Janna herself recommends you can use it as follows:

Make a pocket in thick cut steaks and stuff in onion confit, then BBQ to medium doneness (serve with sautéed mushrooms and taters)

Add to an Au Jus for French dip sandwiches

Add to any brown gravy

Split a ciabatta roll and put onion confit and slices of goat cheese or cheddar on to make a Panini

Substitute for cranberry sauce on turkey or chicken sandwiches

Eat out of the jar.

If you would like to try some yourself contact Janna at

Limited supply at $4.00 per jar.

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