Friday, September 11, 2009

Buttermilk English Muffins

Who knew? Seriously, who knew? Who knew English Muffins were this easy to make at home?
And who knew they were this good?

OK, maybe all of you knew, but I sure didn't. I made them, and have been enjoying them for breakfast all week long. Check it out.

2 1/4 cups flour
1 package active dry yeast
3/4 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon shortening or butter (room temperature)
1 cup buttermilk (slightly heated)
cornmeal for sprinkling

In a bowl, add heated buttermilk, shortening or butter, sugar, and dry yeast. Stir and let sit for 20 minutes to make sure yeast proofs and the mixture puffs up.

Add flour, salt and mix with dough hook until well incorporated and a sticky ball of dough is formed. Add more flour in 1/4 cup increments if necessary, but you want a pretty sticky dough.

Scrape dough out onto a floured board or surface, sprinkle with flour, and knead BRIEFLY. We want the traditional nooks and crannies in the finished product, and the more you knead, the finer the "crumb" will be.

Drop dough into a greased bowl, turn over, cover with plastic wrap, and let rise in a warm area (I use a slightly warmed oven, just turn the temp to 350 for 45 seconds and turn off) for at least one hour.

After it's risen, scrape out onto the same floured surface, do NOT punch down. Knead once or twice and shape or roll into rectangle about one inch thick.

Using biscuit cutter, or a knife to form into 4 inch squared, cut and shape into rounds.

Spread cornmeal over parchment paper, or a board, or whatever. Place the cut and shaped circles of dough onto the cornmeal. Dust the tops liberally with cornmeal also. Top with plastic wrap, and let rise for another hour.
Heat a dry griddle or skillet to medium heat, carefully place a few dough rounds onto the skillet and brown on each side, about 5 - 9 minutes per side.

Remove and let cool for 20 minutes before tearing into one, and slathering it with butter and jelly.
Note: Don't use a knife to cut open the muffin. Use a fork, worked around it in a circle to maintain the holes and internal texture in the muffin.


One more thing, I was reading other recipes for English Muffins and this one site suggested, cut open the muffin, spread one side with peanut butter, add a slice of fresh tomato, and top with the remaining half of the muffin. I have NEVER heard of this, but am tempted to try it. If YOU do, let me know....thanks.


What A Dish! said...

Wow, I think I need to make these. I even have buttermilk.

Christy said...

These look marvelous. You've inspired me to try my hand in making them. Thanks!

You certainly have some great recipes on your blog. I'll be checking back often. :)

The Merlin Menu said...

Thanks for the kind words. And of course, I've added you both to my newsreader.

joanne said...

Hey - Peanut butter and tomato is an incredible combination....the rich, salty cloyness of the peanut butter is offset with with the acidity, and wateryness of the is sublime.....

Adding butter is an optional extra though :) Do try it - it is wasted on muffins only though - toast is just as good.

In the same category is hummus and tomato......ensure you indulge :)

[ I lived in Australia during my childhood - and went to boarding school - so this were a holiday treat that my mother taught me to make...... assumming that she picked it up from New Zealand - where she were bought up....however having moved back to NZ-no one has even heard of it over here!!! Havingsaid that, they doing even do peanut butter and jelly here. No taste at all I tell you!

Love your blog.

The Merlin Menu said...

Allright Joanne, you have driven me over the edge. I am going to try the Muffin peanut butter tomato combination. I'll comment back here on my site when I do. It just sounds like a strange combination to me, but I trust ya. lol

Keep in touch.

Vivian said...

Thanks for this Ron. I have previously been using a recipe with baking soda and didn't quite like the taste. This version with buttermilk sounds infinitely better. Your recipes are great, thanks for all your efforts. Will certainly try the PB and tomato! Maybe rename it the BLT+PB?!

Ginger said...

I GIVE!! I see these muffins on facebook, I am browsing food blogs and what pops up Merlin's Muffins. I think that I am meant to try them. I put my blog away for the summer to nurse my college aged son back to health who got Mono last November. Almost a full year and FINALLY better. What better way to resurrect Once Upon A Gourmet Gin than with these muffins. I can only hope they turn out HALF as good as your muffins. Thanks Merlin!! Wish me luck!

Dana Moos, Realtor said...

Wow, beautiful photos too, I've never thought about making homemade english muffins until now :)

Doreen said...

Ok, Ron. I'm confused!! (Nothing new here! LOL) When does the salt go in and are there supposed to be two different measurements of sugar listed in the ingredients?

The Merlin Menu said...

Nice catch Doreen, thank you. I've corrected the recipe.

Doreen said...

Thanks so much!!

Doreen said...

If anyone is looking to make these, be sure to at least double the recipe for a family of 4 or more! You'll definitely regret not doing so because they are AMAZING! Thank you Ron!!!!