Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lime Cake with Strawberry Compote

Fresh Strawberries. Especially perfectly RIPE fresh strawberries. What do ya do with them?  Well, here's one thing you can do with them. Try combining them with a freshly made and delicious Lime Cake from King Arthur Flour.

This cake has a delicate lime essence to it and when paired with fresh fruit is the perfect summer dessert. You could use Raspberries or Strawberries. I chose Strawberries for this time.  Actually, the Strawberries ran out, and the leftover cake was great all by itself.  Do give it a try.

Ingredients and Method:

1 cup butter, room temperature
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/4 teaspoons salt
3 cups King Arthur Flour
1 cup milk
grated rind of two limes

1/3 cup fresh lime juice
2/3 cup superfine or confectioners sugar

Strawberry Compote
1 small basket fresh strawberries, de-hulled and quartered
1/3 cup water
4 tablespoons sugar

Coarse white sparkling sugar for topping

Combine the butter and sugar until creamy.  Add the eggs, one at a time and beat thoroughly after each

Add salt, baking powder and flour and milk and mix well. Mix in lime zest.

Pour batter into 9 x 13 lightly greased baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 to 35 minutes or until the top is beginning to brown and a cake tester (toothpick) comes out clean.

Remove to cooling rack. Mix together lime juice and sugar in a small bowl. Using a toothpick pierce the top
of the cake all over.  Using a brush spread the lime glaze all over the warm cake. Let it soak in and repeat with the brush until all the glaze has been absorbed by the warm cake.  Sprinkle the top of the cake liberally with sparkling sugar for decoration.

Combine the strawberries, water, and sugar in a bowl. Stir to distribute sugar and water throughout the berries. Let sit for an hour in the refrigerator to allow the berries to "juice".

Slice the cake, top with strawberry compote and a touch of whip cream.



Unknown said...

What a great summer dessert! I love the lime you added to the cake. The flavor combination of the lime in the cake and the fresh strawberries must be incredible. I am going to give your recipe a try!

csr said...

Your cake looks luscious. Very nice for these warm summer days. Thank you for sharing this King Arthur Flour recipe. Joan @KAF

Maggie said...

I have chocolate haters coming this weekend and lots of good berries. I'll give this one a try.

Holly said...

Hi there,
I'm so excited I found your blog! I'm currently letting my dutch oven bread rise so I can bake it for the first time. I love food blogs and am constantly pinning recipes on pinterest so others can see the awesome recipes too. You are my new fav! Besides your recipes looking amazzzzzzing, your way of explainong a recipe makes me feel at ease and eager to try! I enjoy your honesty and just wanted to thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us! A good teacher is a good teacher and a rare find, So I felt it necessary to thank you :)

Ron Merlin said...

What a wonderful comment. Thank you so much.

I DO try to just post a good recipe, and one I know will work for whomever reads my little humble posts,

And to have someone comment on my little insights is very nice. Thank you.

I do try.

Ron Merlin