Friday, March 30, 2012

Country Ham Story

So I love ham. For years I have bought hams from Dakin Farms. Here's the link. They have the best ham, corncob smoked, maple glazed that I've ever had.  My kids have endured eating it for years with my potato dish, called Potatoes Grande.... And I say "endured" because I find the plates have always been empty, ya know?

And since I'm a blogger, I constantly read things on the net about food.  And I came across this:     

And I loved it. And yes, bought a smoked country ham from:

I'll be having a post or two upcoming about my experience with this hunk of meat.

But please watch the video, I't's so down home Country I can't even explain it.

But now that you've watched it, don't you want a slow cured, slow smoked, Country Ham yourself?

Just sayin'

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