Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Short People - Number 1

Well, I have three children, whom I've always called my short people. The fact that all three of them are pretty much taller than me now doesn't dissuade me in the least.

First born: Merissa Lynn

Merissa is a recent Graduate Registered Nurse, is working at a hospital, and in addition flies for the National Guard as a Rescue Medic. How she does all this I have no idea.

Unfortunately, she is also being deployed to Iraq in January. No doubt you will hear more from me about this

This is how you react when you did not die during Army Dunker Training. Strapped upside down, dropped underwater, and you have to find your way out. Oh yeah, and did I mention you're freaking BLINDFOLDED!

Her vehicle of choice.

WHY is she smiling? I'm not smiling....but this is her hat of choice apparently....She does love it, and I give her all the support I can....

She is simply amazing, and the best daughter a Dad could have.

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