Monday, July 21, 2008

The Merlin Steak Dinner

I'm a guy. A meat and potatoes guy admittedly. And one of my favorite meals has always
been a grilled steak, with my steak sauce, a baked potato, and spinach souffle.

So last night, I decided that's what I'm having for dinner.... and of course, being new
to blogging, I thought I should document as I went. But it got a little funny as
I went about my business, here's the story.

So, I went to the Safeway, and bought a nicely marbled NY Strip Steak. I'm a Filet
Mignon person (who isn't if they can afford it) but none was to be found.

So I peppered it and seasoned salted it:

I let it come to room temperature as I find it will sear better that way. Could be my imagination, but I'm a creature of habit.

I pierced a nice russet potato with a fork and microwaved it for nine minutes. (They bake quicker in the oven that way, and it makes the skin wonderfully crunchy)

I then fired up the old grill, and placed the microwaved potato in the oven along with the Spinach Souffle. (I used Stouffer's Souffle, I love it, but I've always sworn I'd make my own from scratch someday, now that I have a blog, I'll do it soon. Besides I might be a meat and potatoes guy, but what meat and potatoes guy can't make a souffle huh? I'm just sayin' )

I then, as things cooked and the grill heated up..... threw my laundry load into the dryer
and heard a god-awful pounding when it started.

Checked it out and found my wallet in the dryer. Sure enough, it had gone through
the wash in a pants pocket. I've never done that in my life.

So here are my contents drying.....

I think it was an omen.

Because a little bit later, I went out to check the grill, and it was dead. I had run out of propane!

It's ok. I know how to pan-sear a steak.....So, out with the old Cast Iron. I'm a cast iron guy. Cornbread? Cast Iron. Searing meats? Cast Iron. Omelets? Cast Iron. You get the
(Warning, kitchen hint coming up. I personally hate kitchen hints, because either you 1. Know it already, or 2. SHOULD have known it. But here it comes. If you use a cast iron skillet over time it will eventually get a buildup from having used it for so long. Know how to clean it? Got an oven with a Clean Oven option, where it bakes for 4 hours at 500 degrees? Just put your cast iron pans in there and kick it off..... Your pans come out and all that stuff just flakes off....Try it and see)

A little butter, and a little olive oil.

Medium high heat such as to sear one side and then the other. Would ya guess I might like it medium rare?

Meanwhile, my special sauce for steaks is being started in the other smaller cast iron pan......

Butter, and shallots, and brown sugar..... (and the balsamic in a few)

Meanwhile, time to sear the steak.....

Now THAT is searing a steak just right......

And of course, my damned Fire Alarm went off a minute later!!!!

Just not my day......

Anyway, all ended happily. I rest my case:.............

Scroll down just a bit further.....heh, heh, dinner was good!!!

Did you forget the link for the sauce? Here it is: Ron's Steak Sauce.

Oh, and one more "Kitchen Hint" and this will piss you Every tube of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, etc. has a tab at the ends of the tube that you can press in so the roll won't come out when you are using it. Don't feel bad, I didn't know either.


Mevon said...

Multitasking... wallet in the wash...been there...LOL!
Filet Mignon person? (who isn't if they can afford it.) ! ! !

Nice to know the oven will clean the cast iron. I have several. Learned about those when I cooked on a tug boat. What about Yorkshire pudding?

noobcook said...

The sight of a thick stab of nicely cooked steak never fail to make me hungry. Your steak sauce do look very good, I'll try it out next time.

Peabody said...

Looks like a great way to have steak!

Anonymous said...

yum. i'm a ribeye girl myself, but honestly, i'd eat just about any type of steak. :-)

your post had me laughing...i liked your kitchen hints.

Chef Tess said...

Saaaweeet! You are one wacky guy! That's a good thing. I will not say yummy...I will not! Very MANLY STEAK. MANLY.

cyngen said...

I love your "kitchen hints" especially the one about the foil and wax paper having a tab at the end of the tube. Didn't know that either and I've been using them for many years. lol Learn something new everyday. Thanks

cyngen said...

I love your "kitchen hints" especially the one about the foil and wax paper having a tab at the end of the tube. Didn't know that either and I've been using them for many years. lol Learn something new everyday. Thanks