Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vanilla Beans

I love to bake and cook with real vanilla and real vanilla beans. But are you like me and find these almost prohibitively expensive? I was going to make Creme Brulee and went to Safeway and one measly Vanilla Bean cost $12.95!!!!!!

Well, guess what. I solved the problem. UPS today delivered a package from a place I found on the Internet. I wanted to see it and check it first before I blogged it, but sure enough it's the real deal.

ONE POUND of fresh Tahitian Vanilla Beans for.................. (drumroll) $19.95! That's over ONE HUNDRED beans!

This place also sells Saffron although I haven't tried it yet.

You can order quantities less than a pound down to 2 oz. I believe as well as vanilla extract, vanilla powder, vanilla sugar, etc.

One bit of caution, when I went to the site and used the pull-down menu my McAfee anti virus warned me that it had blocked a Trojan. I immediately emailed the company and received a reply within 5 minutes, which I thought was impressive, and they told me they have their site scanned every day and that it was probably a false positive. I agree with them and when I ordered just didn't use the pull down menu.

For Vanilla Beans just click here.


Carrie owner of Bella Cupcake Couture said...

Wow- that is a super price and they look so pretty packaged like that. Thanks for sharing. These will be perfect for making vanilla cupcakes.

Carrie of

lizzomarek said...

ooooh awsome! I'm totally going to buy some of these! I've never seen vanilla beans so inexpensive! Thanks!

Liz of