Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You know you're a food blogger when

You refuse to purchase white bowls or measuring utensils because they don’t photograph well with sugar and flour.

Before you had a food blog, you filled up the camera’s memory card maybe twice a year with pics of your kids. Now, you fill it up once a week and there isn't a single pic of your kids on the roll.

You want to buy a half gallon of milk in the yellow carton so you can rinse it out and use it as a prop for ingredient pics.

You save your old sugar bag and stuff it, taping it shut so it appears full – again for pics.

Your entire house is a disaster but the place where you photograph food is immaculate!

You cook entire meals just to do tutorials, giving no thought to the fact that your children will not eat a single thing that you’ve made.

You feel guilty if you cook something and don’t take photographs.

You make stew in August 100 plus heat so you can get a jump start on fall blog posts.

You no longer determine your best recipes by how much you love them, but by how many hits they got when you posted them.

You only want to cook on sunny days (food photographs better in natural light.)

No one can eat until all of the pictures have been taken.

Reprinted with permission from Christy at Southern Plate.

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