Friday, November 28, 2008

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Know how to make Vanilla Extract? I didn't either.

But then I "scored" some vanilla beans at an incredible price and started reading about other uses for them.

Little did I know Vanilla Extract is nothing but rum or vodka steeped in split vanilla beans for about 8 weeks.... and beyond.....

So here we go.....this is day six....

I'm going to bottle it for gifts over the Holidays, with a half vanilla bean inside which keeps it's potency continuing. Although, it takes eight weeks to steep so I'll be late. But hey, story of my life.

I once bought presents for my family in another state in October, wrapped them, boxed them and placed the box on a chair.

And it became part of the decor.

I think it was like February or so when I realized I'd never mailed the box of presents.....LOL

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