Saturday, October 2, 2010

You Know You're a Foodie Society Member if.....

1. You actually plan your shopping list by searching the recipes you want to make, and post,  and buying those ingredients too.

2. You wind up two weeks later throwing out about two of the things you bought because you just never "got around to" making the buttermilk pound cake or the ricotta cheesecake.

3. You've ever covertly tried to take photos of the meal you just prepared for your guests, before you serve it, because you don't want to look like a geek and photograph their dinner as they watch.

4. You have your own contact for special Balsamic Vinegar. (Thanks Steph for that one)

5. You have your own "secret" source for cheap vanilla beans.... (Yeah, I'm guilty of that one.  See Link.)

6. You decide to cook/bake things based upon expirations dates upcoming. Usually stupid things, like, I just made peanut butter rice krispie bars because my peanut butter chips are a month away from expiring.

7. If you've ever delayed making something, because the natural light should be better tomorrow.

8. If you've ever built a "photography light box"....  Yeah, guilty of that one too, see here.

9. If you are conscious of the fact that you spend hundreds of $$ on groceries, and even more on gadgets, and pans, and cookers and such, and you make a measly paltry sum of tiny revenue of $xx.xx  from an ad or two you have on your bog.. And you don't care. You love to cook.  ha!  Cough, cough, Pioneer Woman excepted of course!

10. Speaking of The Pioneer Woman, I love her and all that she does and has accomplished. But, I have to admit I looked one time at the number of "comments" only she received to one of her posts, and I calculated that times 30 days in a month, (in other words, not even counting the ones who visit who don't comment) and multiplied it by my measly rate of CPM stats or Visits or Impressions or whatever the hell it is..... and if I had THAT many visitors.....

I'd get a $22,000 check each month!!!!

I gotta find me a Cowgirl and move to Oklahoma!!!!

11. You take shitty pictures of a meal you had at a restaurant because you were thinking you might blog about it, until you get home and see what you shot looks like.

12. You have a business card for your blog.   (Again, guilty!)

13. Your internet reader is constantly updating food blogs so you can pore over potential new ideas, concepts, or recipes to adapt, even though, you already have a thousand in draft form saved on your blog, and another 1200 saved as favorites in your reader, which if you made them all would take you until you're 137 years old if you made two a day. Yet you STILL save more, it's an addiction I tell ya!

14. You own more than four types and flavors of salt and you know what 87% cacao means.

15. You're at the store and see an ingredient or two that you have no recipe for.  BUT, you've ALWAYS wanted to make something using that, so you buy it, and then scour the net and your lists trying to find something to make.  Always the chance too, that this will wind up on the, shit, gotta throw this away, it's expired list. (See item 2, lol)

16. If you have more pictures of food you've made than you do of your children on Flickr or Picasa online.

17. You own a Dutch Oven. Period.

18. You have, or are thinking of buying a Pressure Cooker, because it sounds cool to cook in.

19. You loved the movie Julie & Julia although if you're a guy, like me, you don't admit it.  (Same goes for The Notebook, but for different reasons)

20. You can't wait until they open a Sur La Table near you.


Chef Tess said...

OH my gosh! I love this Ron!! YES!! I have a balsamic source!! I will be laughing about this for a week!

Sally said...

Yes, agree with all that.Well done Ron. A good read.

astheroshe said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! GUilty.. except , I never made a light box, or have a balsamic source. Oh well, 18/20 ain't so bad :)

Lynnette said...

This is so funny!I think I'm catching up fast :)

Chef John said...

You know you have made it when a google search for "The Foodie Society" lists "The Merlin Menu: You Know You're a Foodie Society Member if....." as the FIFTH entry.

And, yes, I am guilty of several of these.