Friday, May 6, 2011

My Daughter's Wedding

I know it's a food blog. I know most of you might not care. But some of you will.  So I post this link.

And I'll get back to food next week.

I have 3 children. A daughter, and two boys. My daughter is my eldest. And she got married this weekend,
and it was amazing. Check it out. Mt. Hood, Oregon, way above Timberline Lodge.

God Bless You Both!

And the following is a little video I put together....Be sure to play with audio so you can hear the sound track.

Artist here is: Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland

And a second video for your viewing pleasure:

Artist here is: Joe Cocker


Chef Tess said...

Okay, seriously! That's awesome news...and of course I care because I love ya Merlin! So excited for your daughter and her new hubby! Hopefully it's a good match and a wonderful new life. God bless.

Jenn Bo said...

Haven't watched the video yet, but the photo on the post is AWESOME! Congratulations to your daughter. =)

The Merlin Menu said...

What you don't know is, that this is a photo I took of my daughter, as I went to walk her down the aisle. I took this, after I caught my breath, and after I wiped the tears from my eyes, because, as her Dad, I was stunned by what I saw.... And that smile says it all.... And no one else has this picture.......
And I remember, she said.... "Dad, make sure you don't step on my train"....

ha ha ha ha.... gotta love her.

Samsmama said...

Stumbled upon your blog after doing a Google image search for Eggs Benedict. I hope you keep posting; everything I've seen looks wonderful! Congrats to your daughter! I have a lot of family in the PNW and think Mt. Hood is beautiful! As is the bride!