Sunday, August 8, 2010

Homemade Potato Chips

I'm ashamed of this post. I really am.  It's so simple, and so short I am self-conscious about posting it.

But I had to, because it's SO freaking good! Something I never thought about making at home but knocked
it out of the park when I did.

So here's the deal.  I told you about the Beringer Great Steak Challenge in a previous post. The night before the Saturday challenge the Beringer folks had a welcome reception at the Capitol Grille in Seattle. I had never been there but as soon as I walked in, knew I liked the place. Huge, a bit dark, heavy mahogany paneling, brass, a long bar, and nothing but dry aged steak. That's it, steak!  How appropriate considering we were all cooking a steak in competition the next day.

Anyway, after the reception, what better thing to do, than to mosey on up the bar, with my son, settle in, have a cold beer and a huge perfectly aged steak.

And as we're served a cold beer, the bartender placed some clear bowls of "bar food" in front of us. The bar food was......(wait for it)  ......                homemade potato chips!   They were out of this world. Thin, crispy, deliciously salted, browned to perfection!  I almost ate so many of them I didn't want a steak.

When I asked how they made them, they told me. White russet potatoes, deep fried, and salted. Whut???  And they taste this good?  And I've never made them?  Are you KIDDING me? They make Lay's potato chips taste like a piece of cardboard.

So I made them, and like I said, knocked them out of the park.  Do try these. A bit of a pain with the hot oil and all, but so simple.  I used sea salt on mine which was divine, but I'm thinking next time using some flavored sea salt. Like smoked sea salt?  Chipotle sea salt?  Imagine the possibilities.


2 large rusted potatoes, washed, not peeled.
Canola or peanut oil
Sea Salt

Using a Mandolin or a slicer of some type (a necessity because you want the slices thin) cut off the tips of the potatoes and slice the remainder into thin strips. (I used the next to lowest setting on mine) Place them in a large bowl and cover with cold water for one hour. (Takes the gumminess and some starch out of the potatoes)

After an hour, remove chips from water, paper towel them dry, and lay on paper towels for 15 minutes to let them dry further. In the water and while drying they will curl by themselves forming that perfect potato chip look.

Heat oil to 370 to 380 degrees.

Drop 7 - 10 slices into the oil at a time. They'll separate just fine. Cook for 2 minutes per side, turning once. Cook them a minute or two longer if you like really dark chips. (My favorite is the darker ones....)

Drain on paper towels and salt one side. I find less salt is better but it's your personal taste.

Let the oil heat again to the proper temperature in between batches of chips. Repeat until all potatoes are cooked. Now tell me, you didn't try one from the first batch you made..... I bet you did.

Store in baggies for up to 3 days. Enjoy, these are killer, and they won't last 3 days, I bet ya. ha ha


Pro-Portional said...

Couldn't resist. Had to make these NOW. Potatoes currently under water. Thanks for the reminder of the goodness of a home-made potato chip. No mandolin though so I had to rely on out-of-practice culinary school prowess

Becca said...

Ooh thanks for posting these. I wonder if I can talk someone into making them for me lol

Anonymous said...

yes i tried the first batch!. I learned two things: make sure the potato is not bigger than the mandolin and don't use fresh oil. they were a hit. my daughter didn't stop until they were all gone so i will be making more for my friend's bday party this weekend. Thx so much. there are the best homemade chips i've ever made!!!

Ron Merlin said...

Ha ha, yeah, make sure the potato is smaller than the width of the mandolin.

I'm glad you liked them.

They're are such a hit here that this morning I spent like $15.00 to buy bacon salt, and hickory salt for the next batch!

Ron Merlin

Dennis said...

Purchased a mandoline last week. So today it is the perfect time to make a batch.

Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

Ivo said...

They tasted great! Thx for the recipe!

Ivo said...

They tasted great! Thx for the recipe!

Anonymous said...

My hubby loves home made chips when we eat out. He is going to LOVE ME for this recipe. I can't wait to make them for his birthday. LOVE YOUR BLOG!! ~PinchMeIamDreaming~